Sizes of Skip Bins

When utilizing bin hire Melbourne, having the proper size unit is a must. In a worst case scenario you will have not enough room for all of the accumulated waste. This can certainly cause problems such as work delays and even hazardous environments for employees. Other times renting the wrong size could mean you’re forking over a greater sum of money for a service that could cost you far less.

If you are a residential customer who is making renovations to their home or remodeling, a 4 foot or 6 foot bin is probably the perfect size for you. These bins are small enough to fit in the lawn without taking up to much space while being large enough to hold all of the waste that you need to dispose of. Talk to the bin hire Melbourne company that you have selected to determine which of these two sizes is best suited for your needs.

There are 8 and 10 foot bins also available. These are the better choice for small businesses with a larger amount of space and a few more people or things that will need to be thrown away. Oftentimes these sized units are used for soil, concrete and similar items, but the possibilities are certainly far greater.

Construction sites are usually using the 14 foot skip bins. These bins are perfect for holding concrete, blocks, large pieces of metal and similar items. They are also great for hospitals and similar types of facilities. These skips take up quite a bit of space, and they’re quite deep in depth. This is the most popular size of skip bin rented by customers.

While these bins are quite large and capable of handling the needs of most people, no one is left out and there are also even larger bins that one can rent if they need more room or have a larger type of operation going on. There are bins of 20, 25, 30 or even 50 feet available. These are very large and can hold almost anything –and a whole lot of it!

When you’re ready to find a skip bin hire Melbourne company, be sure that you visit This experienced company has all sizes of bins available at prices designed to accommodate the budget perfectly. You can’t go wrong with the large selection of the great prices that you can find here.